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Magnetic Effects - Zig Zag Preamp Overdrive Guitar Pedal, handmade in the UK

    Magnetic Effects - Zig Zag Preamp Overdrive

    • The Zig Zag is a dual stage overdrive.

      The circuit begins with a Jfet preamp input stage which adds a tube style feel to the pick attack. After the Preamp the signal is fed into the second gain stage which is controlled by the Gain control. The Gain and Preamp controls are voiced differently so that blending in differing amounts of each changes the overall response of the feel, eq and gain characteristics. The dual gain stages allow for a wide range of gain from low to singing saturation.

      Active Treble and Bass controls allow for plenty of tonal adjustment and the EQ toggle, with its three settings, make the Zig Zag easy to dial in to match your guitar and amp setup. Switching up or down from the stock middle post of the EQ switch changes the overall eq voicing of the pedal by adding increasing amounts of low and low mids.

      Plenty of output is available and a voltage doubler ensures the tone controls can operate across their full range without loss of headroom.

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