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Devi Ever Cymru - Soda Meiser Fuzz Guitar Pedal, handmade in the UK

    Devi Ever Cymru - Soda Meiser

    • Oh, the Soda Meiser.  It's more than just a punny name.

      For starters, there is a lovely warm and intricate low(er) gain fuzz tone.  Great for turning gentle strumming into walls of harmonically dense sound.

      Turning the gain up will gradually introduce more upper harmonic accents until you are wrangling an upper-octave fuzz beast that's trying to get away from you.

      Even better!  Now the chaos switch is standard!  Flip it up to enter the realm of fuzz danger where up is down and rabbits eat dogs.

      At lower magnitude the Soda Meiser has a great Big Muff like quality but with a lot more character. At higher magnitude, it becomes disharmonic fuzz bliss that reminds many of the Ampeg Scrambler. 
      People have compared the sound of this circuit to that of the Smashing Pumpkins and Jeff Buckley. 
      The Soda Meiser has graced the pedal boards of many incredible musicians including The Hives, My Bloody Valentine, Nels Cline, Nine Inch Nails, Silversun Pickups, and UNKLE.


      VOLUME : Output gain [Loudness] 
      TEXTURE : Input gain [Distortion] 
      TOGGLE : Chaos

      Lovingly hand soldered and screen printed in Cardiff, Wales 
      9VDC ‘Boss style’ power jack - no battery snap 
      Top mounted jacks 
      True bypass 
      125mm x 66mm x 40mm




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