Zander Circuitry - Tape Deck Lo-Fi Delay Guitar Pedal, handmade in the UK

Zander Circuitry - Tape Deck Delay

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  • The ultimate lo-fi delay & modulation pedal, capturing the essence of old school analog & tape delays and much more!


    The Tape Deck starts off as a standard delay with the usual Mix, Feedback & Time Controls, offering just shy of 3 seconds of delay time. We then start piling on a ton of useful features, allowing you to craft your ultimate delay sound.


    The Tone control works in a very unusual way; turned all the way down you’ll get the most unaffected repeats, offering the closest representation of your guitars clean sound. However, once you start to turn it up you begin to lose the low frequencies in the repeats until you turn it right up & the wet signal sounds like its being ran through a telephone line, starting to distort & crunch into itself.


    The foot switchable modulation brings in some unique chorus & vibrato sounds to the wet signal, everything from a subtle, drifting wobble to all out pitch-shifting madness, we’ve also added a Shape toggle to give you either sine or square wave LFO patterns. There is an internal trim pot that adjusts the relationship between the delay and the modulation intensity, stock it is set so that when turning it on the delay time stays around the same tempo, but you can set it up so that when you turn it on it acts as a chorus/vibrato and brings the delay time down to almost non-existent.

    The Tails toggle allows you turn the delay off & let the repeats ring out naturally, meaning you don’t get a sudden drop off when disengaging the pedal.


    The sound of the delay will also change depending on the amount of delay time being used:

    0-500ms – A somewhat “standard” delay sound, reminiscent of an old tape/analog delay
    500ms-1000ms – The delay starts to lose fidelity, begins to distort & gets much darker
    1000ms+ – Background noise will begin to creep in, offering unique “crackling vinyl” sounds as the repeated notes begin to warp & distort

    With the delay time turned down a bit & the modulation on you can create some lo-fi chorus & vibrato sounds, great for recreating the “double tracking” effect.


    On top of all of those features there are also 2 expression jacks for some on-the-fly parameter adjustment. Exp 1 controls the feedback & Exp 2 controls the delay time, the latter offers a unique take on controlling the tempo of the delay and allows you to go between a much wider delay range at your feet than a standard tap tempo would. You wont get the full range of the delay time control (probably around 70% of the travel), but you can select the range of the expression pedal using the internal trim pot. It is shipped as standard with what we think the most usable/practical range is.


    It is worth noting this pedal is buffered, that is in order for the tails functionality to work.

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