Zander Circuitry - Cranium Distotrion Guitar Pedal, handmade in the UK

Zander Circuitry - Cranium Dual Distortion

  • Ever wanted to have every “Rodent” style distortion available in one box? Well, now you can…


    At the core of the Cranium lies a fairly well known distortion circuit, famous for its use on groundbreaking records such as the Foo Fighters debut album, Radiohead’s “The Bends” & R.E.M.’s “Monster”.


    Over the years, many variations, clones & mods have been released in order to “improve” certain aspects of the circuit; which made us think, what if we took all of them and mashed them into a single pedal?


    In addition to the standard volume, tone (filter) and gain (1) controls, there is the option to select a secondary gain (2) control via the gain 2 footswitch, giving you the option to switch between a low & high gain setting.


    The freq 1 & freq 2 controls take what would normally be fixed value resistors in the circuit and make them variable, allowing you to alter the response of certain frequency bands, they are very interactive with the tone control and allow you to dial in sounds not normally achievable with this style circuit.


    Lastly, and most importantly with this type of circuit is the 6 way rotary switch that lets you choose between various different clipping options, these are Germanium, Silicon, Red LEDs, MOSFET, Transistor & None. With  these 6 options you can select through all the different clipping methods used in the various iterations that have been released through the years & even try some new ones (transistor clipping for example).

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