Zander Circuitry - Avalanche Distortion Guitar Pedal, handmade in the UK

Zander Circuitry - Avalanche Harmonic Clipping Trifecta

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  • Tired of needing several pedals to cover all of your gain stages? Do you do a lot of travelling for gigs and want a more compact solution? The Avalanche can help you out…


    The Avalanche consists of 3 completely separate channels that can be used independently or stacked, including the toggle switches this gives you  more than 50 different possible combinations of boost, drive & fuzz.


    Channel 1 – Crunch
    This is a low-to-mid gain drive with a punchy midrange, perfect for taking your guitar from a sparkly clean signal into a hard hitting rock sound reminiscent of a cranked tweed amplifier. The Bright toggle works brilliantly for taming the brightness of some single coil guitars, the center position is the brighest, up/down offer different levels of treble cut.


    Channel 2 – Drive
    This channel has a bit more gain and a flatter frequency response, great for heavier riffing and drop tunings, combining it with channel one is great for heavily saturated tones without things getting “flubby” in the bass frequencies.


    With both channel 1 & 2 you can use the Clip 1 and Clip 2 switches to go between germanium diodes, no diodes or silicon diodes, the no diode mode will turn either effect into more of a dirty boost, perfect if you’re running an amp that is already breaking up.


    Channel 3 – Fuzz
    A well balanced, high gain fuzz that is great for beefy stoner-rock style riffs with the Fat switch engaged (center position is the “thinnest”, up/down offer different levels of bass boost), or as a perfect solo tone with it off as it allows more mid-range to push through. Combining this with one or even both of the drive channels takes you into super-saturated, feedback-inducing fuzz territory, use at your own risk!

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