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Magnetic Effects - Midphoria V2 Fixed Wah and Boost Guitar Pedal, handmade in the UK

Magnetic Effects - Midphoria V2 Fixed Wah and Boost

  •  The Midphoria is a Fixed Wah Booster with Clean Blend and extendable Range. 

    Many classic lead tones were recorded with a wah left in one position instead of being rocked back and forwards. This is commonly referred to as ‘fixed’ or ‘parked’ wah. This sound has been used in some of the most famous recordings of all time by great artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Mark Knopfler, Mick Ronson, Michael Schenker and Marc Bolan to name just a few. The Midphoria allows you to access those classic tones in a smaller, more convenient pedal!

    Unlike a traditional, large Wah Pedal where you have to move the treadle around to find the exact tone you are looking for when playing, the Midphoria allows you to dial in the ‘Sweet Spot’ using the Sweep Control. You can then access this tone by simply turning the pedal on and off using the foot switch.

    In addition, you can extend the frequency range with the Frequency toggle switch and control the resonance, or Q, of the effect with the Width control.

    The Clean Blend allows you to dial in the dry signal so you can balance the amount of Fixed Wah style mid boost. You can go from a subtle hint to all out mids!

    The Clean Blend has enough output level to be used as a booster on its own. Turn down the Fixed Wah Volume and crank the up Clean Blend for a great sounding boost!

    An internal voltage doubler takes standard 9V and incerases it to 18V for more headroom.

    All these features add up to make the Midphoria a great sounding and easy to use pedal that integrates well into a modern pedal board

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