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Magnetic Effects - Electrochop Tremolo Guitar Pedal, handmade in the UK

    Magnetic Effects - Electrochop Tremolo

    • The Electrochop is a versatile optical Tremolo.

      A wide range of tremolo sounds from classic to modern are available with a set of controls that are easy to use yet offer many options. The Electrochop excels at subtle, smooth tremolo sounds as well as choppy sounds or pattern type tremolo sounds.

      The Electrochop has a total of ten waveforms which can be selected with the WAVE Control. Choose from Ramp Up, Ramp Down, Square, Triangle and Sine. Pressing the WHITE button above the WAVE control allows you to select alternate versions of each waveform.

      Speed settings from super slow to frenetically fast can be dialled in. The rate of the tremolo can be controlled with either the SPEED control or an external Tap Tempo foot switch. The MULTIPLY control selects the tempo multiplier. (Quarter note division) This allows you to tap a wide range of speeds easily.

      The Tap input socket is located on the top of the pedal above the DC socket. A 6.35mm to 3.5mm mono cable is required. (1/4 inch to 1/8 inch)

      The VOLUME control allows you to compensate for any perceived volume difference that can occur when using tremolo as well as allowing you to dial in a boost in volume if desired.

      The LED located next to the foot switch indicates the speed and depth setting of the pedal in both bypass and activate modes. The LED colour changes to signify whether the pedal is active or bypassed.

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