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Magnetic Effects - Buzzer Fuzz Guitar Pedal, handmade in the UK

    Magnetic Effects - Buzzer Fuzz

    • The Buzzer is a limited edition clone of the Baldwin Burns Buzzaround fuzz with added Master control and polarity reverse circuit. 


      The original Buzzaround fuzz was a rare pedal produced in small number during the mid-late 1960's. Most notably used by Robert Fripp of King Crimson. A great sounding fuzz that has been rediscovered in recent years and now reproduced, with the addition of some modern convenient features, in the form of the Buzzer. Containing a trio of carefully selected and tested New Old Stock Germanium transistors, the Buzzer delivers excellent fuzz tones that sit sonically somewhere between a Tone Bender and a Big Muff. 


      To bring the original fuzz tones of the Buzzaround into the 21st century, the Buzzer adds a charge pump acting as a polarity reverse circuit. This enables you to run the pedal on a standard 9V centre negative adapter and even daisy chain it with other pedals. This makes the Buzzer a lot more practical and pedal board friendly than the original Buzzaround and many of its clones.


      An added Master volume control allows you to harness different tones that were difficult to obtain on the originals. The Balance control acts as a volume and bias control. As you increase the Balance control you increase the volume as well as alter the tone. The Master control allows you to explore the tones from the higher settings of the Balance control at a more manageable volume.