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Intensive Care Audio -Death Drive Guitar Pedal, handmade in the UK

Intensive Care Audio -Death Drive

  • 1. What DEATH DRIVE is, and what is it used for:


    The DEATH DRIVE is an original, all analogue overdrive and distortion pedal for the treatment of Bland Guitar Syndrome and Excessive Aural Dryness. Used regularly it can provide effective relief from these, and other music and instrumentation related conditions. All Intensive Care Audio pedals are built in London, England, using high quality components and featuring soft touch, relay based trued bypass.


    The DEATH DRIVE features 4 controls, there are therefore a range of available remedies.


    EGO:  Controls the overall volume of the effect. The DEATH DRIVE is a high output device, suitable for pushing tube amplifiers further into breakup. 


    DESTRUCTION: Ranging from subtle to extreme, the destruction control dictates the severity of the distortion. At lower settings it provides natural, tube-like distortion full of vintage character. At higher settings the distortion becomes pleasantly compressed and saturated whilst still retaining clarity and individual note definition.


    DRIVE:  Operates as a secondary gain control. Used in conjunction with the Destruction control it allows you to fine tune the exact saturation of your signal. The two gain controls are interactive and provide a wide range of tonal remedies. 


    MOOD: Controls the pre-gain tone shaping of the distortion. It has been deliberately voiced to provide useful tone shaping within the full range of the control, meaning there are no useless settings at either extreme.


    2. What you need to know before using the DEATH DRIVE:


    Do not use:

    -If you are allergic to unorthodox sounds

    -If you have high levels of normality in your blood

    -If you have the habit of accidentally plugging in the wrong power supply (Use only high quality 9v centre negative power supplies)

    -If you play with aggressive or temperamental drummers.


    How to take the DEATH DRIVE:

    The dose needed to treat guitar effect deficiency will depend on how low your levels of guitar effect are. Your doctor will advise you on 

    the length of time to use the DEATH DRIVE. 

    For adults this is usually 1-2 hours, twice a day. Using pedals after meals is recommended to avoid dizziness.


    If you forget to use the DEATH DRIVE, use it as soon as possible and continue to use it as normal. 

    DO NOT take a double dose to make up for a forgotten dose as this can cause irreversible MIND BENDING (Mindbendinitis)


    3. Possible Side Effects:


    Like all medicine, this medicine can cause side effects, although not everybody gets them. 

    Serious side effects:

    -Involuntary  time signature changes

    -Nausea and or vomiting


    -Difficulty passing riffs

    -Thinking you are better at your instrument than you actually are

    -Looking down your nose at other peoples gear

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