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Fredric Effects - Accomplished Badger Germanium Boost Guitar Pedal, handmade in the UK

    Fredric Effects - Accomplished Badger Germanium Pre-Amp

    • The Fredric Effects Accomplished Badger is an original two-stage boost, with an opamp buffer/boost driving a Germanium transistor gain stage. The Germanium transistors used are individually selected vintage new-old-stock components, tested for optimal gain and low leakage. Because of the nature of these two gain stages, the Accomplished Badger can be used as a sparkly clean boost, to just push an amp to breakup, or for a grittier saturated sound like a torn speaker or an overloaded recording desk tone. More versatile than straight clean boosts, and the sort of effect you may not want to turn off, the Accomplished Badger is a very useful pedal to have around.

      The new Mk2 Accomplished Badger incorporates an internal charge pump to run at 18v (from a 9v input) and an audio-grade Triad output transformer for more musical saturation and breakup

      High Quality:

      • Custom enclosure fabricated for Fredric Effects in North London
      • Professional powder coating and screen print
      • PCB construction (not perf or vero)
      • Handmade
      • Cliff jacks
      • Alpha footswitch and pots
      • Current Draw 5mA
      • The Accomplished Badger artwork has been custom drawn by Stacey Hine, and is professionally screen-printed onto each powder coated enclosure.
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