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Devi Ever Cymru - Shoegazer Fuzz Guitar Pedal, handmade in the UK

    Devi Ever Cymru - Shoegazer

    • The Shoegazer is a combination of the two most popular Devi Ever fuzzes, the Soda Meiser and Torn’s Peaker and is capable of versatile, bombastic fuzz sounds for both bass and guitar, ranging from the subtlest Fuzz Face drive, to the smoothest Big Muff tone, pushing all the way into the sweetest Tone Bender textures but with a metric hog load more power and tweakability.

      Now also featuring chaos and oscillation switches as standard and a toggle to reverse the order of the two fuzz circuits.

      Notable users : J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr.), Martin Gore (Depeche Mode), Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine), Brad Delson (Linkin Park), Michael Wandmacher (hollywood composer), Trentemøller, Dan Hawkins (The Darkness), Sugizo (X Japan)


      CONTROLS (L to R) :
      TP VOLUME : Output gain [Loudness]
      TP TEXTURE : Input gain [Distortion]
      SM VOLUME : Output gain [Loudness]
      SM TEXTURE : Input gain [Distortion]
      TOGGLE : TP Oscillation, Order Reverse, SM Chaos

      Lovingly hand soldered and screen printed in Cardiff, Wales
      9VDC ‘Boss style’ power jack - no battery snap
      Top mounted jacks
      True bypass
      125mm x 95 x 50mm

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