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Devi Ever Cymru - Dark Boost Guitar Pedal, handmade in the UK

    Devi Ever Cymru - Dark Boost

    • The Devi Ever : Cymru Dark Boost adds drive and a heavy bass boost to your sound. It fattens up bright guitars and amps. It is particularly effective with guitars that have single coil pickups installed. It will overload bass rigs in the sweetest kind of ways. Works well with bass, guitar, vocals, synths, drums, and anything else you can run through it.


      VOLUME : Output gain [Loudness]
      TEXTURE : Input gain [Distortion]

      Lovingly hand soldered and screen printed in Cardiff, Wales.
      9VDC ‘Boss style’ power jack - no battery snap
      Top mounted jacks
      True bypass
      125mm x 66mm x 60mm

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